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Specialized Vintage Vehicle Services
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Specialized Vintage Vehicle Services

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Getting a Vehicle Appraisal has Never Been Easier.

For over 25 years, Steve Linden Specialized Vintage Vehicle Services has been providing the collector vehicle community with fast, accurate, and reliable appraisals that conform to the highest standards in the industry.


Whether you're an individual seeking the true value of your vehicle, a collector expanding their portfolio, or an enthusiast curious about the value of your cherished classic, we are here for you.
Our appraisals are conducted with an in-depth understanding of the collector vehicle market, ensuring that you receive accurate and reliable valuations.

Online Appraisals: $225.00

Estimated turnaround time: 2-3 days

Our Appraisals are Perfect for:

  • Financing: Secure financing with appraisals accepted by banks and other financing companies.

  • Insurance: Ensure your vehicles are accurately valued for proper coverage.

  • Accidents: Establish the prior and/or diminished value of a vehicle due to a partial or total loss.

  • Purchases: Negotiate a purchase price with confidence in a continually changing market.

  • Sales: Price your vehicle realistically to get the highest selling price and avoid a prolonged process.

  • Courts: Be prepared through matrimonial, probate, estate, IRS, theft, or other legal matters.

  • Donations: Make informed decisions regarding vehicle donations.

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