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Specialized Vintage Vehicle Services

About Us

About Us

Discover the world of collector vehicles with Specialized Vintage Vehicle Services, where passion meets precision. With over 20 years of dedicated service, we are your go-to destination for online and in-person vehicle appraisals. Our team of USPAP trained appraisers ensures that our appraisals meet the highest standards, making them widely accepted by insurance companies, financing institutions, the IRS, courts, charities, and more.

Our Mission

At S.V.V.S., we are on a mission to provide fast, accurate, and reliable vehicle appraisals. We understand the unique value these vehicles hold, and our goal is to deliver appraisals that reflect their true worth.

Why Choose Us

  • USPAP Trained Appraisers: Our team adheres to the highest professional standards, guaranteeing quality and maximizing acceptance of our appraisals.
  • Market Expertise: With a profound knowledge of the collector vehicle market, we provide insights that go beyond the numbers.
  • Streamlined Process: Getting a vehicle appraisal has never been easier. Our efficient and straightforward process ensures a hassle-free experience for our clients.
  • Privacy and Security: We never share any personal or vehicle information, vehicle values, or correspondence with third-parties or marketers, and our secure payment processes ensure your payment information is never stored.

Our Range of Services

We appraise all years, manufacturers, and models of cars, trucks, and motorcycles in any condition.

  • Modern (2000 - Present)
  • Classic (1975 - 2000)
  • Antique (1930 - 1975)
  • Vintage (< 1930)
  • Historic
  • Custom
  • Street Rods
  • Resto-Mods

About Our Founder

Our founder, Steve Linden, was a leading expert in classic car appraisal and restoration with over 25 years of experience in the industry. His work spanned appraisals, inspections, consulting, restoration management, expert witness, and exports.

He was the author of Car Collecting: Everything You Need to Know (Motorbooks 2008), wrote a weekly newspaper column Classic Car Doctor for New York's Newsday, and appeared on and/or had been quoted on Jay Leno’s Garage, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Associated Press, Fox Business News Channel, Discovery Channel, Money Magazine and Kiplinger’s Report, as well as syndicated radio talk shows. He was a qualified USPAP Appraiser and served on NADA’s Antique, Classic and Collectible Car Advisory Board. He was also the co-founder of Chrome Strategies Management, LLC., a Connecticut based firm which focused on serving the needs and interests of classic car investors, collectors, and service providers.

In 2008, he founded SteveLinden.com which quickly earned a reputation for honesty, integrity, and timely service. Steve's passion, knowledge, and commitment to the field continues to be a part of our guiding vision

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